Who We Are

Our History

The Firefly Group is a Florida-based, woman-owned business founded in 2003. Its founder and President Stacy Ranieri is steeped in the principles of sustainability and community engagement, principles that reflect the inter-connectedness of the natural environment, the built environment, the economy and social issues.

From that perspective, Stacy created a communications firm that focuses on building strong relationships, solid foundations, and a deep understanding of their organizational needs and objectives of a select group of clients.

Our Approach

We are storytellers. As your public relations and marketing partner, we help you identify your target audiences and communicate your story in a way that is clear and impactful.

We spark ideas. First we listen carefully and assimilate lots of information. Then we help you set measurable goals and objectives, choose the most appropriate tools to achieve successful outcomes, add creativity, and persist until we get the results you need.

We illuminate until your story glows. With years of practical, in-the-trenches experience and a savvy sense of what’s new and what works now, we help each client to communicate efficiently and effectively. We tell our clients what they NEED to hear, not what they WANT to hear.

The Fireflies

Bright. Creative.  Passionate about our clients and their message. Savvy with social media. Strategic. Persistent. Listeners as well as communicators. Honest. Experienced. Obsessed with our clients’ success. Environmentally aware. Eager to help ….

But wait, that’s enough of the adjectives about us. Come by our “jar” and let’s talk about how we can help you shine a light on your mission and your message.


Stacy Ranieri
Chief Illuminator
Founder and President
Patricia Austin
Buzz Builder
Sr. Communications Strategist
Melissa Zolla
Jar Tender
Chief Operations Officer & Creative Director
Tiffany Kincaid
Spark Starter
Account Executive
Andrew Webster
Digital Sparks
Website Design / Development
Billy Nelson
Graphic Glower
Graphic Designer
Mark Truax
Graphic Glower
Graphic Designer
Gail Marcarelli
Graphic Glower
Graphic Designer