Want to adopt a road? 23 local streets, roads looking for love

Posted on July 14, 2017

PALM CITY -- Ready for adoption: twenty-three streets and roads throughout Martin County and the City of Stuart, littered and looking for someone to love them. The Adopt-A-Road Program, which was launched more than twenty years ago through a collaboration between Martin County and non-profit Keep Martin Beautiful, is “a perfect win-win partnership,” according to Craig Ahal, President of Keep Martin Beautiful. “Adopting a roadway and caring for it empowers every citizen and business to take part in a very tangible way in improving the beauty of our environment.” Each stretch of roadway is about a mile long. The Adopt-A-Road sponsor signs a one year contract, pays an annual fee, and agrees to remove litter and debris along the roadway at least six times a year. “It’s a great team-building effort for businesses,” Ahal says, “and it’s a wonderful hands-on activity that can be used to teach young people about environmental stewardship.” 


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