Owls Released Into the Wild

Posted on July 3, 2019

Executive chef Taylor Wilson, left, and sous chef Dante Meacham of the Gafford, right, look on as the first of the two barn owls is released Tuesday at the Treasure Coast Wildlife Center in Martin County.  The two owls were brought to the center as nestlings with the help of Cassie Fiebiger, center, and were conditioned to live and hunt on their own over a period of three months.  “Obviously, the goal of our efforts are to put these birds back in the wild,” said Dan Martinelli, executive director of the center.  “That entails proper nutrition, proper psychological imprinting and making sure that animal is physically capable of surviving in the wild with the necessary skills and stamina.  All of those things are part of the criteria before which we will decide if it can be released.”  The Treasure Coast Wildlife Center serves more than 3,000 animals per year.