Mariner Sands Charity Week raises $215,000, divided among 8 charities

Posted on May 1, 2019

“Long term heroes” is how outgoing Board President Jeff Black described his fellow board members of Mariner Sands’ Charity Week at a reception held to thank volunteers, patrons, and the eight recipient charities of the annual fundraising event.  

Each year, volunteer members from Mariner Sands work diligently to plan a variety of fun-filled activities to raise money for local basic needs charities. From golf to croquet, bocce to bridge, and tennis to pickleball, there are activities for everyone to enjoy. 

Jeff Black recognized the hard work the board and the volunteers do behind the scenes, and also praised the charities they support. “It’s the least we could do to donate our time,” said Black, “the people who work for these charities dedicate their lives.”

During the event, the Charity Week Jacket was symbolically passed to Jack Flanagan who is now acting Board President and formerly held a career at a nonprofit organization. Mr. Flanagan is honored to take over the event.

This year’s nonprofits included: House of Hope; Hope Rural School; KinDoo Family Center; SafeSpace; Love and Hope in Action, Martin County Library Foundation/Early Childhood Reading Initiative; Hibiscus Children’s Center and The Boys & Girls Clubs of Martin County/Florida Ad Litem Program.

Mariner Sands’ 2019 Charity Week raised nearly $215,000 which was distributed to these charities in need of funding. “Our mission has stood the test of time,” continued Mr. Black. “To provide the basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, protection and education for those who cannot provide for themselves - breaking the cycle of poverty and despair. Our Club continues to support this extraordinary opportunity for us as a community to be the gold standard of caring in Martin County, and we get to have some fun and fellowship while doing just that!”


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