MartinArts Brings Outstanding Florida Artists to the Court House Cultural Center in Stuart

Posted on January 17, 2024

Stuart, FL - Exciting new art works by fifty-eight artists from Tallahassee to Key West are on display now through February 29 at the Martin County Court House Cultural Center in MartinArts’ 33rd All Florida Juried Art Show. Pieces span the mediums of watercolor, ceramics, acrylic, oil, photography, bronze, encaustic, wood, metal, glass and fiber.

“This is always one of our most exciting shows of the season,” MartinArts Executive Director Nancy Turrell said. “We had more than 180 artists from across the state of Florida apply to be part of the exhibit, and the best of the best of their works are now on display.”

Gregory Jones, a member of the Florida Arts Group and a painter who has judged more than 40 exhibits and festivals, curated the exhibit from the entries and awarded the following: 1st Place: “Mona in the Boneyard” by Thomas Prestopnik; 2nd Place: “Righteousness” by Todd Fox; 3rd Place: “The Photographer” by Raymond Olivero; Honorable Mention: “Night Vision” by Barbara Fugazzotto; “Rattan Chair’ by Heather Ivins; “2BSQ1” by Jim Wang; “Unrequited” by Terry White.

“The colors, the textures, and the profound expression of big ideas by Florida artists make this exhibit a must-see event,” Turrell said.

Most of the pieces are for sale. “We encourage people to buy local and Florida art,” Turrell added, “because it supports the artists who bring us such engaging work and because every piece sold from the gallery generates a small donation to support the work of our local Arts organization.”

Featured artists it the show include: Glen Allen, Robert Bernstein, Enid Blechman, Barbara Bose, Jerilyn Brown, Holly Cannon, Linda Chipperfield, Becky Coleman, Maggie Dillon, Gabriele DiTota, Kimberly Engel, Brendan Fisk, Todd  K Fox, Barbara Fugazzotto, Susan Giblin, Ryan Michael Gleason, Rene Guerin, Erika Heffernan, Latonya Hicks, Judy Horowitz, Heather Ivins, Denise Jackson, Carson Kapp, Martin Karadzhov, Chloe Kelley, Claudia Jane Klein, Michael Knapp, Tina Kraft, Joe Krawczyk, Anita Lamb, Alice Laputka, Julia Longwell, Robin Marshall, Erin McCullough, Gary Menzel, Dawn Inglis Montgomery, Lynn Morgan, Katya Neptune, Daniel Newcomb, Janis Clary Oehlschlager, Raymond Olivero, Kathy Omeara, Caryl Pomales, Molly Potter, Thomas Prestopnik, Galal Ramadan, Patricia Reagan, D. S. Reif, JL Schwartz, Norman Silva, Harriet Silverstein, Richard P Stevens, David Valiente, Jim Wang, Elaine Weber, Terry White, Laura Kay Whiticar-Darvill, and Harris Wiltsher.

The Court House Cultural Center Galleries are open to the public from 10 am to 6 pm on Tuesdays and from 10 am to 4 pm on Wednesdays through Saturdays at 80 SE Ocean Boulevard in Stuart. A suggested donation of $5 is requested in support of the programs and events of MartinArts. 

The exhibit will be open during ArtsFest, the area’s largest arts event, held this year on Saturday, February 10 and Sunday, February 11 at Memorial Park and along E. Ocean Boulevard in downtown Stuart. To learn more about the All Florida Juried Art Show, ArtsFest, and the Martin County Arts Council, go to


About MartinArts

MartinArts serves as the local arts agency within the Martin County community, supporting the arts through advocacy, promotion, research, community planning and programming. Founded in 1980, it has as its mission to inspire participation and passion for the arts in throughout the community so that arts and culture are woven into every aspect of life. MartinArts is based the Court House Cultural Center, formerly the County’s first courthouse, in historic downtown Stuart, where it presents art exhibits, concerts, and cultural events. Each year it presents the Marties, awards for artist excellence in the community; holds ArtsFest, the largest arts event in the area; presents the All-Florida Juried Art Show; and supports the arts and artists who add richness and beauty to the community. For more information, go to