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Summer Time in the Jar!

Posted on June 27, 2023

Fireflies love this time of year - the glowing lightning bugs that flicker in backyards during long, summer evenings and also the ones “in the jar” at The Firefly Group.

We’re always buzzing about the great stories we get to tell on behalf of our clients. This month we have fun ones to share about ourselves and the two new “Glow Worms” that have joined us. 

Meet our Summer Interns a.k.a. Glowworms,

Orla McQuaid & Jadyn Frawley!

Orla, a fourth-year student at the University of Florida and a first generation college student from Stuart, joins us this summer as a Firefly intern. While pursuing a B.S. in public relations with a concentration in business administration and sports management certification, Orla has distinguished herself in UF’s Public Relations Student Society of America. This year she is President of the society’s executive board. After graduation, Orla hopes to work in the golf industry, specializing in sponsorship activation and player relations. When she is not in school or busy as a Glow Worm, she likes to spend quality time with family and friends, keep active and travel to explore new places.

Jadyn is also another intelligent and ambitious young native of Martin County. She is a sophomore at the University of Central Florida, where she is majoring in Marketing. Jadyn is a sports fan who enjoys both watching and playing a variety of sports. She’s also a reader and a bit of a foodie. We’re pleased to be the place where she can hone her marketing skills as we help tell our clients’ stories.

A New Creation by the Chief Illuminator!


Stacy, our Chief Illuminator and also Chief Artist of the group, has been exercising her creativity most Saturday mornings in the art studio, and just finished her latest creation, Octavia, in her whimsical, watery habitat. We hope Stacy’s original oil painting, with its vibrant colors and flashes of gold, brings a smile to your face as it does to ours.

Wax down those Surfboards, It's June and

Time to Hit the Beaches!

Melissa, our Creative Director, loves everything to do with the beach and the water, both for personal recreation and as the subject of many of our most successful environmental projects. She expanded her coastal protection and beach conservation vocabulary even more, including terms like panel groins and king piles, during the filming and production of a new video series about coastal protection in the Town of Palm Beach.


You can view the video series by visiting the Town of Palm Beaches website or click on the following links:

Beach Renourishment - Coastal Structures

Reach 8 - Coastal Project Easements

Photo Credit: Steven Martine

For The Love of Panthers

Carlton Ward Jr. Goes Beyond Florida Ranches.

Tiffany has had the joy of working with nationally renowned nature photographer Carlton Ward Jr. on the Florida Ranches Calendar, always a work of consummate beauty. She’s just watched Carlton’s video “The Path of the Panther” on Disney+. For the film, Carlton and his crew tracked the endangered Florida panther in its trek across the state and captured it in all its beauty and peril. Tiffany is looking forward to an exhibition of his Florida panther and other photos at the Elliott Museum this coming January.

Learning About AI - While it Learns About You!

Pat got to attend the Florida Public Relations Association’s June meeting and hear a professor of business from the University of Florida give his perspective on Artificial Intelligence. AI could be our Promethean moment, he says, equivalent to the mythical story of Prometheus stealing fire from the gods and giving it to humankind. Nothing will ever be the same again. He urges all of his clients to keep up with rapid-fire changes-- the future belongs to those who learn how to work with smart machines.

All the Fireflies wish you a productive summer with time to reflect, enjoy, and gear up for a busy fall. 

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