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Posted on June 12, 2020

Dear friends,
Nearly three months ago, when the pandemic began affecting Martin County, information was coming at us from all directions. It still is. That's why we created Our Martin County - a free, digital community resource for Martin County residents and businesses. We've been updating it ever since, reorganizing the info and adding new sections as global and local situations change. It will remain a useful resource during other times of need - and in brighter days to come.
Now that Florida has entered Phase Two reopening, we're pleased to share with you some major updates to Our Martin County . We’ve added an entirely new Shops & Services section with everything from childcare and summer camps to beauty and home improvement. 
Will people feel safe enough to patronize these new businesses as they reopen? For me, it has been a slow and steady road to figuring out new patterns of behavior and what my comfort level is in a COVID-19 world. 
More recently, however, my thoughts have shifted to issues of race and justice and what I can do, as an individual and through my own business, to help effect positive and lasting change.
Anyone with empathy can feel the profound heartache. You can see the passion and unity of people coming together from all walks of life, determined that this time will finally be different. The call to action is clear but the way to get there is not.
At a local level, earnest conversations are being sparked and Firefly is committed to helping our community, as we always have, through our words and actions. We will continue communicating, collaborating and bringing diverse groups of people together to improve Martin County.
I truly believe if you touch someone's heart you can open their mind. My hope is that people are listening.
Be well and be kind,
Stacy Weller Ranieri
Founder, president and Chief Illuminator
What's New on Our Martin County:
  • If you're ready to venture out, many more restaurants are now open.
  • An updated "things to do" section with free and inexpensive, fun and creative ways to occupy your time while continuing to practice social distancing.
  • We encourage you to support small, family-owned businesses in Martin County or wherever you are. Explore our list of shops & services.
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