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Posted on May 8, 2020



Dear friends,

It's been a busy, stressful time at The Firefly Group since life as we know it changed. But we're not complaining. We're very fortunate to have been able to continue working - and we've been doing it as safely and cleverly as possible.

For us, this has been an opportunity to harness our creativity, spark bold ideas and launch new ways of operating so we can help our clients and community.

As businesses in Florida begin reopening, we are also hearing stories of some that are not. Just this week, a popular local yoga studio posted to their Facebook page that her small studio would not survive the pandemic and has closed its doors. The closing of such small businesses means huge losses for our community, and as a small business owner myself, I feel her pain.

This health crisis has brought to light the vulnerabilities in many businesses, whether it's too small a physical space to conduct social distancing, or not having the best tools and technologies available to effectively communicate with our customers.

Many businesses now recognize their websites are outdated, their social media pages haven't been posted to in months, and they aren't using e-marketing software to build relationships with their target audiences.

A crisis is the perfect time to challenge the status quo and re-imagine how we can do things better in this new business environment.

If we are to survive and thrive in this new world, we will all have to make permanent changes in the way we operate our businesses and nurture our relationships with people.

Please know that Firefly is here to help you navigate these uncharted waters. If you just want to bounce an idea off of us, or if you'd like to refresh your brand, update your website or rethink your digital, and social media strategies, we are open for business and here to help.

Despite the uncertainty of the past two months, our "fireflies" spent much of our time in what is referred to as creative flow and produced some outstanding work on behalf of our clients. I'm proud to share some of it with you. Maybe there's a spark here for your business!

Stay strong, stay connected and take good care,

Stacy Weller Ranieri

Founder, president and Chief Illuminator

In response to the pandemic, Firefly created two local, resource websites to keep residents informed in Martin and St. Lucie counties: and


Thank you to Lori and Richard Tambone, owners of Tambone Companies, for funding the development and ongoing updates to!



In response to the increase in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) litter showing up in our community and across the globe, Firefly created a PSA litter prevention video for our long-time, environmental nonprofit client, Keep Martin Beautiful which was launched this week. Watch the video by clicking the image to the right.

KMB Gloves Off The Ground PSA


In an effort to show gratitude to all frontline workers, we collaborated with Bright White Tech+Tools to create cheerful yard signs!


There are still a few left. Contact owners Kevin & Chelsea Hoffman at or 800-321-5716.


We helped Whiticar Boat Works create and launch the 2020 Old Salty Fish Tales Online Photo Contest! The contest encouraged people to dust off their vintage photo albums filled with pages of old glossy prints and take a sail down memory lane. 


The Banner Lake Club is an impactful nonprofit helping those in need in the Banner Lake Community. Firefly created their new logo and collateral materials, is helping to increase awareness, and just launched their new website to make it easier for people to access education, health and other resources needed to transform the lives of those they serve


We helped the City of Okeechobee create and announce their COVID-19 Resource Page, a new twitter account, and new Live Streaming access to City Council meetings through their new YouTube Channel.


It was our pleasure to once again work with the Martin County Solid Waste and Utilities Division to produce their annual Drinking Water Quality Report.


The report provides important information to the public and reflects Martin County's commitment to provide the highest quality drinking water to residents.


Illuminating Ideas. Glowing Results.


Does your business need immediate assistance with reinventing your digital, social and online presence during these unprecedented times?


Firefly is here for you. Whether you need us right now - or after we emerge on the other side of this. We can create a scope of services and a budget that works for you.




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