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The Firefly Group is a full-service public relations and marketing firm with a diverse client base that includes businesses of all sizes and industries as well as government agencies and many non-profit organizations. 

Our relationships with our clients mean everything to us. 

We're obsessed with our clients' success and work closely with our clients to understand their needs. We spend time getting to know our client's business, products, projects and services. We listen carefully, assimilate lots of information, set measurable goals and objectives, and implement tactics to achieve successful outcomes for them.

We've garnered a reputation for passionate and honest performance and have been recognized for our work with more than 70 awards from regional and state-wide advertising and public relations associations.  For that reason, we are selective about the number and types of clients we work with. We don't mind a good challenge, but we prefer to work with clients whose philosophy is in alignment with ours.

Our staff has more than 60 years of experience in marketing, public relations, community outreach, and other communications and strategic planning expertise.  We have practical, in-the-trenches, experience that we are able to tap into for the benefit of our clients.

Like the illumination of the firefly, our firm's core purpose is to help our clients communicate efficiently and effectively.  And while a firefly's glow may seem magical, make no mistake: their ability to communication well is a fundamental part of their DNA – just like ours!

We are storytellers.  Our role as your public relations and marketing partner is to identify your target audiences and communicate with them in a way that is clear and impactful.  Whether your audience are customers, clients, members, community stakeholders, government officials or the general public, we’ll use the most appropriate tools and tactics to illuminate ideas, translate information and tell your story in a way that resonates with your audiences.

Our Services

Public Relations, Media Relations, Community Relations & Government Relations
Comprehensive Marketing Plan Development & Implementation
Branding, Copywriting & Collateral Materials Development
Custom Website Development, Social/Digital Media Strategy & Management
Community Outreach & Grassroots Advocacy
Full Scale Event Management, Advertising & More

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