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public relations, marketing & strategic planning
The Firefly Group provides public relations, marketing communications, community outreach and strategic planning services to businesses, non profit organizations and government agencies.   We work closely with our clients to understand their short and long term needs. We spend time getting to know our client's business, projects and services. And then we plan strategically so we can deliver successful outcomes for them.

Our relationships with our clients mean everything to us.  So we are selective about the number and types of clients we work with. We don't mind a good challenge, but we prefer to work with clients whose philosophy is in alignment with ours.

Like the illumination of the firefly, our firm's core purpose is to help our clients communicate. And while a firefly's glow may seem magical, make no mistake: their communication efforts are grounded in hard science just like ours.

Our clients' success depends on their ability to identify, establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with their various publics. We take our role of communicating with our client's audiences very seriously. Whether the form of communication is a strategic community outreach plan, a new branded identity, a press release or website, Firefly's goals are to illuminate ideas, clarify messages and deliver them clearly and effectively to the appropriate audiences. 

We're obsessed with our clients' success, so we listen carefully, assimilate lots of information, set measurable objectives, and implement tactics to achieve them. We've garnered a reputation for passionate and honest performance.
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